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“[…]Markus Saile could also be interpreted as rejecting traditional white-cube art spaces, when he opts to partly clad his gallery Markus Luettgen in Dusseldorf in matt grey metal panels to from a backdrop for his paintings. Sometimes the panels protrude beyond door frames or redefine the corners of the room, peeling away from the actual walls and meeting at angles quite distinct from the underlying architecture.  His often small-format paintings conjure up a sense of fleeting snapshots, with individual positioning of abstract surfaces or markings that could alter again just a moment later. Transparent layers of paint appear to further reinforce this impression. The way in which the paintings are hung, installation-like, in the space conveys an inherent dynamism, which resonates with the multiple strata and sequencing of the paint or glace layers that in some cases remain visible in his paintings. That also dovetails with the title Markus Saile chose for his STRABAG Artlounge exhibition: Magnetic Fields. In addition, this title references the industrial-strength magnetic film that Saile used here for the first time in his painting. The film´s pliability allows him to establish a direct relationship between the painted ground and the metal elements, columns and window frames that form the architectural context. With this site-specific installation, Saile guides reception of his works and creates an overarching structure that is a fundamental hallmark of his exhibitions.”


Excerpt from,b: Yilmaz Dziewior: „Expanding pictorial space. Drawing and painting as formation, in: 25 years STRABAG Artaward: art price for painting and drawing, hg. Von STRABAG SE, STRABAG Kunstforum Wien, Klagenfurt: Ritter Verlag 2020, pp. 45–49, p.46

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